Slot machine test: Batman

Since 1939, the Dark Knight chasing criminals on the streets of Gotham City. Since then a lot has been done, but especially in the recent years Batman has become popular again, which is also due to the huge success of the movie series. Hardly a superhero is as popular as he, no matter whether in comic book form, as animated series on the big screen or even a slot machine. In this Batman adventure it goes again to chase and the heroes in black you can help with this. On the reels, there are lots of symbols, which are all straight out of the universe of DC Comics. So if you're a fan, you will certainly have fun. But even without reference to the bat man, the Batman is machine a real asset in any slot casino.

You want to fly through the night with Batman, then you can do this in the CasinoEuro. Here is the Batman slot game available. You need only sign up, deposit money and you then looking after the big wins do. If you are okay but only to the fun, or you simply just want to test, then you can Batman free game. For no registration in the Casino is required.

Play Batman online now!

Batman free game

To play Batman, you need make only a few clicks, and then it can go too. But also in Gotham City slot machines for the most part according to the normal rules and mechanisms. There are five reel, which reveal different combinations of symbols new turn in each round. If these same symbols can make a series, then you may be happy about winning. Such line gains can theoretically also frequently appear in only one round.

Especially the 50 paylines are important for

. Each of them runs once left starting over all rollers, so that maximum rows of up to five symbols can be made. You can also reduce the number of win lines. In this way, you save total usage or can increase the usage of the line on the other side. Is important, because he largely decide how high your Batman can be profits. A healthy amount of bet and enabled lines is required.

Slot game symbols in the Batman online slot

If you're a fan, then you will feel immediately at the symbols, and the featuring of the machines at home. It begins, for example, with a map of the Joker, Batman's arch-enemy's trademark. It continues with some weapons of the heroes or the large headlights, with the Dark Knight can be summoned. It continues with his motorcycle and the famous Batmobile. Not missing may also of Commissioner James Gordon, who is also always helpful, when it comes to the fight against of the villain on the side for Batman. Shortly before the deadline then the joker is added, logo and Batman himself, which is followed by the Batman game. With the scatter it spins with the bonus symbol the prospect of bonus rounds.

Slot machines instructions by Batman

If you're willing, then quickly pulled over and off goes the dark mask it. In the Casino, and there with a deposit form the basis. Then you can start playing. A paytable informs you not only about the symbols on, but also about all the bonus features. Also you should let Miss out on the intro of the game, that sound with equally good graphics in the world of Gotham City kidnapped you.

Conclusion to the Batman test

To make it short: Batman is a great slot machine, which has its merits. Of course it is a plus that here the original graphics could be used by DC Universe, anyway, but also the functions of the super hero slot machines be seen. Clear recommendation so.